Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas that may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way. A more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while you continue your business operations as usual. BMP Engineering & Inspection Inc. provides drone services in British Columbia for every structure, especially for high rise buildings, roofs of the all single family, multi-complex and commercial buildings. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections eliminate the inconvenience and safety concerns associated with having a live ground team inspect your site, reducing human error and cost. You’ll receive detailed, high definition images with its relative technical report that give you a clear sense of the status of your structure. Furthermore, any safety procedures of the facility owner must be complied with.


Implementation of hands-on inspection of buildings, rooftops and gutters
Presentation of high quality images, videos and detailed photographs of defects
Documentation of material damages after heavy rain, storm, fire, earthquake ...
Inspection of areas tough to access
Application of preventive maintenance (PM) planning and enhanced production
Access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to people