BMP Engineering & Inspection Inc. provides a proper approach to managing projects, from beginning to completion. By deploying personalised resources to meet the demands of each client, supported by strong technical resources, our professionals provide an end-to-end solution that each client have come to depend on for.


Our construction team manages and controls construction rollout by coordinating the work on-site and ensuring that your interests are handled professionally. We take time to understand your unique needs and challenges and utilize our wide-ranging experiences within multiple industries to develop a tailored construction management plan. When engaged in the early phases of project planning, our team can be involved in every aspect from there on in. Your project will meet all your objectives, while following to your time and budget requirements. Our professional staff will also work with you to retain high-quality contractors within your budget constraints, to ensure that every detail for your project is given proper attention.


Plan and Design the Civil Projects
Assign, Co-Ordinate and Review Technical Work
Meet the Guidelines, Specifications and Codes
Review and Approve Designs, Calculations and Cost Estimates
Prepare the technical report for complicated civil/structural cases
Mentoring Program for Junior Engineers
Value Engineering Analysis
Control Project & Budgeting
Prepare Contract Documents
Prepare Bid for Tenders